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Having lived in Turkey ever since graduating from Oxford University in 1986, Andrew Boord enjoyed a successful career as a business development consultant in Istanbul, and assumed Turkish citizenship in 1997.


02 biography

andrew boord

Having lived in Turkey ever since graduating from Oxford University in 1986, Andrew Boord enjoyed a successful career as a business development consultant in Istanbul, and assumed Turkish citizenship in 1997.

He established his own company, ENVER BORLU CONSULTANCY SERVICES, in 2011, specializing in Turkish - English professional translation, editing, proof-reading, text creation and nativization services.

Since that time, his work has been focused in niche areas that require a very high level of accuracy and native language quality. This is a particularly delicate task when dealing with two languages that share no common origins, structure or vocabulary. In addition, a profound grasp of cultural aspects and sensitivities is essential in order to be able to create an English text that genuinely reflects the original, especially in text nativization.

ENVER BORLU CONSULTANCY SERVICES, believes strongly in developing the closest possible collaborative relationship with corporate and individual clients in order to develop a full understanding of clients’ precise needs and objectives. In this way, the end result is a text that never betrays its origin in another language, while precisely fitting the client’s communication objectives across both language and culture.


03 work

Media & PR
  • coca cola
    Text Nativization of PR material
  • CNN Turk
  • colliers International
    Specialist Translation
    Text Creation
  • Pro Communications
    Editing / Proof Reading
    Text Creation and Nativization
  • Yeditepe University Hospitals
    Medical Translation
    PR Material
    Website Creation
  • Turk Telekom
    Press Releases
  • Best-selling novel
  • The Turkish Employers' and Industrialists' Association
my skills

05 services

  • Corporate

    • Sensitive internal documents
    • Published material (website text, brochures)
    • PR and Press Releases
  • Specialized

    • Legal documents and Contracts
    • Medical Texts
    • Newspaper articles / current affairs / political
    • Academic theses
  • Literary

    • Two major book translations; one novel, one autobiography

06 what people say

“Andrew always takes the time and effort to understand what a fast-moving client like ourselves need, and has built up a relationship of trust and confidence that reflects on the quality of his work. He has mastered the art not only of translating specialized media communications, but interpreting across cultures, so that his work reads like the original. His press releases and newspaper articles, which are notoriously difficult to translate because the style of Turkish media language is so different from English, is uniquely effective.”
“We require native speaker quality translation and content provision, often on an urgent basis and always of native speaker quality. Finding the right provider in this part of the world is hard. We have been especially impressed by Andrew’s collaborative approach, which means he has a total grasp of our exact needs and the flexibility to translate and adapt both specialist internal documents, and reports for publication.”
“Andrew Boord is one of the very few service providers in Turkey who delivers quality specialized medical translation and legal contract translation. In these cases there can be no room for error or misunderstanding and Andrew’s work is always 100% accurate. He has translated and created content for our website over a long period, as well as translating, editing and creating other published material. He has a justified reputation in these fields in Turkey.”
“A really good literary translator needs to know the author better than anyone after the writer's own mother. And translating a Turkish novel into English is a multi-faceted task: knowing the languages is not enough. As well as the structural linguistic challenges, there is a cultural perspective that requires a deep understanding of the underlying references and their relevance to the reader. Andrew’s work is exemplary.”
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